Friends Of Beirut Blast Victim Elias Khoury Honored Him During Their Graduation Ceremony


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Disclaimer: The article contains descriptive content on the topic of the Beirut Port explosion that some readers may find triggering. Reader’s discretion is advised.

The Jesus & Mary School organized the graduation ceremony for the 2021-2022 academic year in the memory of Elias Khoury.

The event, which was attended by many important figures, paid tribute to one of the youngest Beirut port explosion victims.

The patron of the Maronite Diocese of Antelias, Bishop Antoine Abou Najm, said that there was no doubt that students have difficulty remembering the pain of the August 4 explosion, “which left an empty chair in our ranks, Elias Khoury.”

He added for the students who lived, knew, and laughed with him to remember Elias and to let the pain of his loss be a message to not accept injustice and hatred.

After the certificates were distributed, the students delivered speeches in three languages, recalling their dear friend.

Last week, Elias’ mother, Mireille Bazergy Khoury, shared a heartbreaking message on her Facebook page amid the official exams that her son was meant to undertake as part of his education journey.

Recalling his previous official exams, the Brevet, she addressed him with a message on Facebook, saying: “My angel, I never knew that these were your only official exams. I did not celebrate you well when you passed with a “good” average. I thought this is just the Brevet and many more will come.”

The 15-years-old was supposed to have a broad horizon ahead of him, as he was aiming to enroll in a university to become an architect.

However, the cruelty of the Beirut Blast destroyed his dreams at a young age, took his life, and devastated his family and friends.

Over 244 innocent people were killed by the horrific Beirut Blast as they were going on with their day on August 4th, 2020. The explosion didn’t spare anyone in its ravaging radius, marking Lebanon’s modern history with blood and ashes, and excruciating grief.

The friends of Elias Khouri have been constantly bringing his memory to the public ever since his demise. As the 2nd anniversary of the Beirut Blast is edging close, without justice served, the Lebanese people are also planning to commemorate it.

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