A Frightening Decline In Basic Services In Lebanon Is Exposing People To Epidemics

MTV | Monla Hospital

The minister of Public Health, Dr. Firass Abiad, visited the wastewater station in Tripoli, the North Lebanon Water Corporation station, the refugee camps, Halba Governmental Hospital, and the Akkar Governorate Brigades.

The purpose of the visit was first to observe the situation on the ground. Dr. Abiad noted the decline in the level of basic services, for both the Lebanese people and the refugees.

“This frightening retreat exposes us to other matters, not just epidemics, that could affect public health or other matters related to the citizen or the displaced,” he commented.

He pointed out that the level of the health system is good, but that the problem is not in that. It begins with providing safe water to the population, in addition to effective sanitation in order to get rid of any germs present in the wastewater.

“There is no doubt that there is a great effort from everyone, the beginnings are very important to determine the course of any epidemic. We raise our voices loudly, if the citizens respond to us and we are able to provide the required services, we avoid going to a wider spread of the epidemic,” he concluded.

The Ministry of Public Health invited citizens to call 1787 for more info.

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