Fuel Importers In Lebanon Are Distributing Gasoline Again

Fuel Importers In Lebanon Are Distributing Gasoline Again

Fuel importers have started to distribute gasoline in Lebanon, signaling the beginning of the end of the country’s shortage of the substance, according to George Brax, member of the Syndicate of Gas Station Owners.

“The gasoline crisis is on its way to resolution because the importing companies started distributing fuel today and will continue to distribute it until Eid Al-Fitr,” Brax told the National News Agency on Monday.

The news came after the Lebanese Central Bank authorized a ship loaded with a large amount of fuel to unload in Daoura.

Brax denied the recent rumor that the subsidy over fuel had been lifted, which had caused people to panic and swarm gas stations.

“There are stations that have low reserve due to the rationing of credits, which forced some stations to close,” he explained.

Subsidies will not be lifted in the near future, according to Brax, who noted that the fuel issue is “very complex” and that its repercussions on people would be greater than any other commodity’s.

“Gasoline is not missing in the country. Rather, there is rationing in the distribution and a shortage in some stations,” Brax assured. “The gasoline is in warehouses and ships.”

This rationing has compelled people in Lebanon to store gasoline in containers for later use. On Monday morning, individuals impersonating Lebanese Army Intelligence personnel attacked a gas station owner for refusing to fill their gallons with gasoline.

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