Fuel Prices Changed Again In Lebanon – Here Are The Details

Fuel Importing Companies In Lebanon Are Not Supplying Fuel Because They Are "Lost"
Anwar Amro

There has been an adjustment in fuel prices as they slightly fell.

  • 20 liters of 95 octanes is 302,600 – decreased by 12,400 LL
  • 20 liters of 98 octanes is 312,800 – decreased by 12,400 LL
  • 20 liters of diesel is 300,200 – decreased by 14,800 LL
  • Cooking gas is 262,500 – decreased by 10,200 LL

This decrease comes a week after the previous increase in fuel prices.

This pattern of changing fuel prices is repeating almost on a weekly basis.

In Lebanon, the minimum salary is 675,000LL, causing many families to barely afford basic necessities.

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