Fuel Prices Just Increased In Lebanon, Here Are The Details


On Monday morning, the Ministry of Energy and Water increased the fuel prices in Lebanon, with the rate of the USD in the black market floating around LL 34,000.

The new prices are as follows:

95-Octane Gasoline591,000 LL+16,000 LL
98-Octane Gasoline604,000 LL+16,000 LL
Diesel697,000 LL+7,000 LL
LP Gas335,000 LL+7,000 LL

It’s noteworthy that most of the gas stations in Lebanon were closed yesterday because it was known that the fuel prices will increase, so they can profit from the fuel bought at the lower price and sold today at the new increased price.

Additionally, the oil importing companies informed that “gasoline will not be delivered today to the stations”, and the reason is the ambiguity in pricing goods with the deviations in the USD rate, according to “Voice of Lebanon.”

Member of the Syndicate of Gas Station Owners in Lebanon, Georges Brax, reassured that there is no gasoline crisis, and the goods are available in warehouses awaiting prior approvals issued by the Central Bank of Lebanon.

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