Smugglers In Lebanon Are Protesting Not Being Allowed To Smuggle


Perhaps one of the most bizarre things- even more bizarre than political parties staging a strike against their government last week- is smugglers protesting not being able to smuggle. 

On Monday, drivers attempting to smuggle fuel from Lebanon to Syria cut off the roads at the Al-Masnaa border point because authorities did not allow them to cross.

“Fantastic. Let it stay closed with our thanks,” tweeted Michel El Meouchi sarcastically at the smugglers protesting for their alleged ‘right’ to smuggle…

It is to note that smugglers make at least three times the price of the fuel -which is subsidized by the Lebanese government- when they sell it in Syria

During their protest, the smugglers also argued that if authorities were stopping them, then they should also stop smugglers linked to Hezbollah who are allowed to pass without inspection

According to France 24, smuggling goods from Lebanon costs the ailing economy around $15 million/day.

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