Fuel Tankers Are Finally Unloading In Lebanon

Fuel Tankers Are Finally Unloading After Central Bank Gave The Required Approval
Anadolu Agency

Fuel tankers docked in Lebanese waters are beginning to unload, George Brax, a member of the Syndicate of Gas Station Owners in Lebanon, has revealed.

“Starting next Monday, we will feel relief in the market and a solution to the gasoline crisis,” Brax told the National News Agency on Friday.

The news comes after the Central Bank of Lebanon provided the required approval for the distribution of gasoline from these vessels to take place.

A ship that received approval on Wednesday started injecting gasoline into the Lebanese market the next day, Brax said, adding that another ship would follow suit and unload on Saturday and Sunday.

Another tanker that has already secured approval from the Banque du Liban (BDL) will arrive on Monday.

Brax hoped that the BDL would not delay authorization for fuel tankers, pointing out that a couple of ships loaded with fuel that still lack approval are “costing us 2,000 dollars every day.”

For months, Lebanon has been experiencing fuel shortages that intensified this week, when numerous gas stations across the country hung their hoses and closed, either in protest or due to the lack of any more fuel in their tanks.