10 Fun Activities In Lebanon To Create Core Memories With Your Friends

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Craving a laid-back Sunday or planning an adrenaline-pumping escape? Lebanon offers a treasure trove of exciting activities for every preference and budget.

Delve into the world of outdoor thrills, cultural explorations, and everything in between. This compact country is brimming with opportunities to make unforgettable memories alongside your friends.

We know picking the perfect pursuit can be challenging, so we’ve curated a list of 10 fantastic options just for you.

Armed with these inspirations, leave your worries behind and focus on creating priceless moments with your friends.

Race Your Friends In Karting

Unleash your inner F1 driver and challenge your friends to a thrilling karting experience that’s enjoyable for all ages.

Located in Metn, Lebanon, RPM Karting provides the perfect setting for both lighthearted races and fiercely competitive showdowns that’ll put your friendships to the test.

Say goodbye to dangerous street races and hello to safe, exhilarating fun on the karting track. For more info: 01333888

Release Your Anger In A Rage Room

Have you had enough of the economic crisis, mad at your significant other, or simply want to let all your stress out? well, a rage room is a way to go.

SMASH IT, located in Sed El Baouchriyeh, provides the ideal environment for you to unwind and let off steam. It is a rage room where you can legally release all your pent-up anger by smashing objects and tearing them apart until you feel satisfied. Instead of resorting to physical altercations with your friends, you can take out your frustration on a recycled TV and protect your peace in the process.

For more info: 70147221

Get Creative In An Arts And Crafts Store

If you find yourself overthinking and dealing with a lot, consider visiting an Arts and Crafts store to transform your stress into art.

By painting, weaving, sculpting, or even flower casting, you can turn the chaos that’s happening in your mind into beautiful art with your friends or even alone and CreativeNass in Badaro give you that opportunity to unwind and get creative. For More info: 76656554.

Indulge In Some Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a great sensory experience for you and your friends to enjoy for a chill hangout.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to play the role of professional wine critic with your friends, why not plan a visit to a winery and debate which wine is the best? Chateau Ksara in Zahle could be the perfect location for you to enjoy this experience.

They offer you a great tour of their winery and its history in being the oldest in Lebanon and the experience of incredible wine tasting with the different options they offer.

For more info:01488054.

Have A Battle With Some Paintball

Turn your Call of Duty fantasy into reality and get ready for battle in the field with some paintball.

Paintball can be a thrilling and exciting experience for players of all ages and skill levels, and it is a popular activity for team building, parties, and releasing some violence with some color.

Gear up and head to Xtreme Paintball located in Dora for a chance to boost your adrenaline and shoot your friends with some colorful balls to fetch that flag! For more info: 03489191.

Breakout From An Escape Room

An escape room is a fun and adrenaline-inducing activity you can experience with your friends and is a great way to discover who among your friend group can truly survive tense situations.

Hunted Escape Room in Baouchriyeh, creates a twist and adds the element of fear by channeling horror movie villains into their escape rooms for a night you definitely will never forget. for more info: 81808233.

Spend The Day At An Amusement Park

Having difficulty deciding what to do? Don’t think twice and head to an amusement park.

Amusement parks offer you the chance to participate in multiple games and rides surrounded by delicious food kiosks and all found in one place, and Dream Park in Zouk Mosbeh is the place to go as they offer remarkable rides for all ages so that everyone can have fun. For more info: 09223817.

Take A Cooking Class

Have you ever watched too many cooing videos and had the urge to try the recipe out but are afraid to mess it up? Well participating in a cooking class is what you need.

In a cooking class, you will learn the basics of food, the correct way of using a knife, and the right amount of spices used in recipes, and Kitchen Lab suited in Monot offers you all that.

You and your friends can choose a class of your liking, put your chef’s hat on and become a Michelin Star chef for a day, and of course, you get to feast on your creation. For more info:01200391.

Volunteer In An Animal Shelter

Animal lovers this is for you.

When you find yourself in the mood to spread some love and cuddle with a fluffy animal, volunteer with your friends in an animal shelter to bring some joy back into these beautiful souls.

Animals Lebanon in Hamra offers you the chance to volunteer, spend some time playing with cats and dogs, and do some good by rescuing animals in need.

You Never know, you may end up fostering or adopting a fluffy baby!

For more info: 01751678.

Chill In The Sky Paragliding

Have you ever dreamt of flying?

Experience an unforgettable moment in the sky with an adrenaline rush and a spectacular view by paragliding.

Gravity Advisors in Jounieh gives you your only chance of flying by paragliding above the clouds and catching an unseen view of Lebanon. For more info: 03110032.

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