10+ Fun Facts About Lebanon Shared On TikTok

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A TikTok user, MirandaKnows, posted a video of fun facts about Lebanon that she was blown away with. In her video, she shared some interesting facts about our country that may even come as a surprise to some Lebanese.

Here’s are some of the facts she said about Lebanon:

#1 There’s an average of 1 doctor per 10 people

Though it’s worth noting that this might not be so true anymore since the situation in Lebanon has led hundreds of doctors and nurses to leave the country in search of better opportunities.

#2 The word Lebanon appears in the Old Testament 75 times

Interestingly, the word Cedar (Lebanon’s national tree) is also mentioned 75 times in the Old Testament.

#3 It’s home to SKYBAR, the #1 nightclub in the whole world

Lebanon’s iconic Skybar even opened in Dubai in 2019. Before the pandemic, Beirut ranked among the best party cities in the world.

#4 The very first alphabet came from a city in Lebanon called Byblos

The Phoenicians are credited with inventing the alphabet. The first inscription in the Phoenician alphabet was found on the sarcophagus of Ahiram who was the king of Byblos.

#5 The only remaining ‘Temple of Jupiter’ is in Lebanon

The largest temple in the Roman world is located in Baalbek.

#6 According to Christianity, Jesus made his very first miracle happen in Lebanon

It is believed that Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine, in the biblical Lebanese village of Qana.

#7 The Phoenicians, the original people of Lebanon, reached America way before Christopher Colombus

There is evidence that proves the presence of Phoenicians in modern-day America long before it was discovered by Christopher Colombus. In fact, DNA evidence shows that the Phoenicians crossed the sea, explored the world, and integrated into the new civilizations they reached.

#8 It is home to the very first law school

The first law school ever was built in Beirut, according to archeological findings. The Law School of Berytus was the center for the study of Roman law in classical antiquity.

#9 The inventors of Tom and Jerry are Lebanese

Alan Alder / Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera of Hanna-Barbera Productions are both of Lebanese origins. They met while working in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer MGM in 1937. From their production house also came The Flintstones.

#10 The creator of the iPod is Lebanese

The iPod was invented by Lebanese-American Anthony Michael Fadell who is known as “the father of the iPod.” Fadell made it to Forbes’ 2019 billionaire list.

#11 70% of students in Lebanon go to private schools

Considering that Lebanon has more private schools than public, and the Lebanese society is so demanding when it comes to education, that percentage is not shocking and it could be even higher.

Watch her video here for the full list of facts she shared:

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