17 Fun & Romantic Date Ideas You Can Do In Lebanon

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Dating doesn’t have to always be around a dinner in a restaurant, even if flickering candles are planned.

To say, having a romantic time is about you and your date doing something special that brings you closer together or that gets you to better know each other, especially if it’s a new date.

After all, that’s what dating is all about. So why not spice it up with a good dose of fun that will make it memorable?

Here are some great suggestions:

#1 Get together at a game center

Dating could be exciting and more so when you add the thrill of games and playful competition. Nothing brings people closer together more than these moments of cheers and laughter.

#2 Food truck hop

There are many food trucks layered across Lebanon, so it’s easily fun to spend a day food truck hopping around the country to try several with your date while listening to some romantic music on the road.

#3 Pedal boat

This lake in Bnachii is worth the road trip to the North for a romantic date cuddling and pedaling together with the swans.

#4 Explore together an Old Souk or an open market

What’s best to know your date’s taste than exploring together the open markets or the old souks in Lebanon? And when the ambiance is as filled with expectations as in these places, you’ll get yourselves a great dating day!

#5 A romantic picnic à-deux in nature

There are many places across the country where you can spend a romantic time with your date around a picnic in nature, whether in city parks or in calmer spots by a lake or a river.

#6 Discover a hidden gem in nature

Lebanon is known to be the country of flamboyant nightlife but also of cozy camping sites, and great hiking trails. Think “outside the city” and get to make a spot in nature your special place with your significant other.

#7 Escape room

You can go on a date to one of the many cool escape rooms in Lebanon. You will also get the chance to work together as a team, which is always cool in a relationship.

#8 Bowling for dating

Bowling is super fun and more so if enjoying a bowling night with your date. Some flexing muscles to impress your significant other wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all, would it?

#9 A spa in tandem

There is something super romantic about a spa in tandem. These zen places offer just the right relaxing and romantic atmosphere a couple can hope for. And finishing it up with some good champagne in a hot tub will culminate an ideal date time.

Lebanon is a country of culture with several museums of all types and countless art galleries. Spending some time with your date in one of these venues will get you to connect with each other at a deeper level.

#11 An outdoor dating activity

Whether it’s winter or summer or in between, having a date of outdoor activity is super fun. Snowshoeing with your date, for example, in one of Lebanon’s many amazing places has its romantic characteristic. You both will spend a good day having fun in the snow and discovering new sights.

In the warmer season, take your date hiking with you in the mountains. Lebanon has greatly enjoyable trails that get you to connect with mother nature.

#12 Bike ride

Bike rides are slightly become the new norm in the country due to the high gasoline prices. You will get the chance to bike together across vibrant Beirut, or a village where you will get to enjoy the fresh air along with the adventure.

Up to take it further? Bike in the mountains through the many interconnected villages for an awesome date of discovery!

#13 Play a board game

Bring both your “inner-child” with some board game, whether the classic or a new one, that gets you both playing. A healthy dose of competition can be exciting on a date, especially if you are planning to spice things up a little bit with a friendly wager.

#14 Wander together a neighborhood that’s new to you

This is more exciting than you think. Take a leisurely walk with your date to a district or avenue you haven’t explored yet and discover what’s around. Spice up your outing by imagining together stories of your favorite houses on your way.

It is said that imagining together connects the souls and bonds the spirits, and why not your hearts also as you choose a house you’d want to live in and create your own romantic narrative.

#15 Do Karaoke together

Anyone can be a star at karaoke and so do you with your date. Get to sing together, and romantically so when you opt for a sappy ballad.

#16 A road trip of discovery

You don’t need to dream of romance the like you see in the movies when you can do just that in Lebanon. The country has stunning spots that look and feel out of a fairy tale. These are exactly what you need to have great romantic moments.

#17 Take a wine tour

Lebanon is a wine country and its wineries are picturesque and can very well bring the best of romantic mood in you. Spending a day at a winery is a great dating idea as you can get to enjoy the surrounding scenery while tasting authentic wine and having a bite.

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