10 Fun Things You Can Do This Weekend In Lebanon

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Everyone is feeling tired, bored, and stressed after a long week of working and/or studying.

The stress is also becoming more unbearable with the recent surge of covid-19 cases and the problems we Lebanese are facing every day.

With everything that is going around us, everyone deserves a good day of fun to boost our energy back.

Here are events that are happening this weekend in Lebanon that you can enjoy with your friends or family.

#1 Attend the Lebanese Outdoors Film Festival (LOFF)

If you and your friends are avid movie lovers and would like to watch the newest Lebanese movies, the Lebanese Outdoor Film Festival will take place on January 15th and 16th at KED, Beirut.

In addition to the screening of movies, there will be concerts and seminars taking place.

Don’t forget to book your tickets online beforehand. Tickets give you access to all activities at the event.

#2 Enjoy a concert at Sursock Palace

Have a good evening listening to Nacho Arimany on Saturday, January 15th. In addition to enjoying the concert, you will be helping fund and restore the Surscok Palace. Tickets are available online here.

#3 Happy hour with your friends

Instead of staying home, why not take precautions all while having fun? There are many open bars where you can enjoy a drink in the fresh air. Go and enjoy a happy hour with your friends.

#4 Enjoy a “wintery” dinner out with your friends

Leave your worries behind and embrace the winter season at a cozy and homey restaurant, enjoying a nice dinner and a glass of wine with your loved one(s).

#5 Snowshoeing in Laqlouq

If you are a fan of wintery activities, do not hesitate to go and enjoy this Saturday (January 15) snowshoeing in the beautiful heights of Laqlouq with Vamos Todos. For more information about the organized day, contact 03 917 190.

#6 Brunch this weekend

End your week with a hearty Sunday brunch while having a blast with your friends. Many restaurants organize Brunches on the weekend, check out your favorite restaurant.

#6 Sunday hike in Assia

Discover the beautiful village of Assia in the heart of Batroun district and its amazing nature and rich history. Vamos Todos is organizing a day trip to Assia this Sunday!

Just don’t forget to book your place. Contact 03 917 190.

#7 Clay modeling at Naive by Emné

Artistic handwork can be very relaxing and rewarding, adding to the fun of it. You can enjoy Clay Modeling with your friends or family this Saturday at Naive by Emmé in Badaro. Reservations are required. Contact: +961 3 741 125

#8 Batroun sunset hike

Dale Corazon, an ecotourism club dedicated to exploring the beauty & charm of Lebanon, is organizing a day of hiking on January 15h, from 1:00 pm to 7:30 pm, from Aabrin to Batroun. It is a touristic trail where you get to see many sites and end in Batroun at sunset.

The meeting place is at Mar Abda Church parking facing the New-bridge, Jal El Dib, at 1:00 PM. To RSVP or more information, contact: 70-986118 or 70-997062 

#9 Clay sculpting at CreativeNess

If you are bored and curious, check out CreativeNess in Badaro where you can learn and enjoy a Saturday afternoon destressing, unwinding, and creating freely with clay sculpting. RSVP required: 76 656 554.

#10 Hike in Baakline

Dale Corazon is also organizing a hike of discovery on Sunday, January 16th, of the stunning Baakline village in Chouf, with impressive landscapes and rich nature.

The meeting point is at Mar Maroun Church Parking in Dora at 7:30 AM. To RSVP or more information, contact 70-986118 or 70-997062. 

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10 Fun Things You Can Do This Weekend In Lebanon

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