13 Fun Things You Can Do After Work In Lebanon

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Lebanon is a great country where you can enjoy both mornings and nights, and the hours in between.

This precious small country, which coastline extends 225 km from North to South, offers soothing sights of the sea and the horizon to people driving back home after work. The Lebanese coastline is a fascinating beauty that can be seen even from countless mountainous spots.

The country has also many more to offer to its people and residents, aside from its hyperactive nightlife, the numerous historical sites, ideal short distances for road trips, and you name it.

Weekdays can also be very enjoyable in Lebanon after work and before nightfall. Here are some notable things you can do during that period of time.

#1 Head for a Happy Hour

For most who work all day, Happy Hour is the happiest time of day. It is a great opportunity to decompress after work with friends and/or co-workers over discounted drinks and bites.

These Happy Hours help you to unwind the stress of your workday and allow you to return home in a relaxed mood or at least with a genuine smile.

#2 Catch the sunset for moments of bliss

Sunsets are glorious in Lebanon wherever you are. And they are more than that. They are simply magical as they infuse you with peace and bliss. Take the time to reach a good spot right before sunset and relax at the beautiful sight and the warm colors embracing you.

#3 Enjoy a leisure walk by the seaside

Lebanon’s 225 km long coastline grants anyone easy accessibility to freely enjoy the coast and the soothing vibes of the sea.

If you live in any of the many cities and towns along the Lebanese coast don’t miss nor postpone the healthy and invigorating pleasure of a leisure walk by the sea.

#4 Enroll in a gym or yoga class

People nowadays don’t exercise to just lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. In addition to the many benefits that come from exercising daily, it is fun, it boosts your mood and your energy after a draining day at work, and it is a great opportunity to socialize.

In Lebanon, there are countless places that provide you that opportunity; Gyms, yoga classes, aerobics, and you name it.

#5 Bike through your city

Biking is not just for athletes and grand adventures on the roads or mountains. Biking leisurely can be done by anyone, and it is fun, de-stressing, and invigorating. If you don’t own a bike or can borrow one from a friend, there are places in Lebanon that rent them.

#6 Have some thrill at an Escape Room or Board Game Spot

Playing is known to relieve stress, stimulate the mind, and boost creativity, among many other benefits, and we are not talking about child play. These Escape Rooms in Lebanon have been a total success because of all the fun and thrill they provide.

Playing after a day at work could be just exactly what you need to have a happy evening afterward at home. Here are some Escape Rooms you can check out.

#7 Chill at one of your city’s cool spots

Cool spots to chill don’t lack in Lebanon. From charming cafes to restaurants and lounges, these places welcome you in a relaxing yet lively atmosphere after work.

If you work in Beirut, check these 12 Places To Chill & Unwind.

Lebanon is a country of culture and arts, and it takes rightful pride in its artists and their creativity, which is showcased in various forms, shapes, and colors in Lebanon’s many Art Galleries. From Classic Fine Arts to Modern and Expressionist, the choices are many.

#9 Go window shopping

Looking at goods exhibited in shop windows without really aiming to buy anything could be fun. It is an activity that many enjoy in urban cities around the world. You can get to know what’s there of new trends and what’s around of nice items for your next gift to give.

#10 Try what’s new at your favorite pastry store

Halleh temak is an expression commonly said by the Lebanese, and they are right. Roughly translating to “sweeten your mouth”, it is an invitation to enjoy something sweet and make your day feel better.

And we do. Not just because we Lebanese have a sweet tooth, but also because pastries and desserts made in Lebanon by our so skillful chefs are irresistibly delicious.

Most pastry shops in Lebanon have lovely sitting areas where you can fully enjoy sweetening your palate with no guilt whatsoever.

Here are some great pastry shops in Beirut, and in Tripoli.

#11 Hunt for street murals and graffity

This has a thrill of its own, and street murals don’t lack in Lebanon. These creative arts are fascinating, always carrying a certain public statement, and are free to admire. Plus, they are Instagrammable.

#12 Boost your health with some street jogging

Jogging doesn’t have to be a long and forced activity; unless you are an athlete or preparing for a Marathon. It is de-stressing if you take it easy and a good energy-booster. It is actually fun to jog in the open air and fill yourself with that sense of freedom that comes along.

#13 Unwind in a green public space

If you don’t have obligations that require you to be home right after work, head to a park to enjoy the natural environment, whether with a book to read or just to walk leisurely around.

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