11 Fun Things To Do This Valentine’s Day In Lebanon If You’re Single

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Valentine, the day known for the celebration of love around the world, is not restricted to couples in a relationship. Love comes in many forms and colors, thus its beauty and nobility.

People have come to acknowledge it, along with the importance to give oneself a healthy dose of love. That’s after all an expression of gratitude towards The Creator and the life and blessings you’ve been granted.

So, you are single and it’s Valentine, let’s have you celebrate it with some love-infusing, joy-triggering suggestions here:

#1 Spa day

Have a relaxing day at a spa and get to be pampered and loosen up, be it on your own for a peaceful time or with a couple of single friends to share the moment.

#2 Night out with friends/family

Have fun on a night out with your friends and enjoy V-Day dancing or just have a good time cheering for friendship.

#3 Treat yourself with some take out

Loosen up on Valentine’s day and order some take out and spend the whole day/evening munching away on your favorite snacks! (You’ll diet later).

#4 Color your Valentine’s Day away!

You don’t need to be a professional artist to dig into the fascinating world of colors seeping and flowing and mixing on a canvas. It is said that every human being has a dormant artist within.

Who knows? You might find it true and get to make it your hobby or embark on an artistic journey. In any case, there is a delightful pleasure in doing this. Your inner-child will tell you so.

And color away your Valentine’s Day!

#5 Celebrate it around a game night

Gather with friends around your favorite board game and celebrate the day in good company having fun.

#6 Buy yourself gift

Gift yourself something you’ve been wanting for a long time. It’s a good occasion to break your own budget rule without feeling guilty. You deserve it!

#7 Have a BBQ night with your single friends

Organize a nice day/evening with all your single friends and enjoy these precious times, making new memories. You can spice it with a Secret Valentine of symbolic gift exchange.

#8 Movie night

Movie marathons can be a lot of fun when enjoyed with friends at home. munching on snacks and drinking some beers. There will be moments of laughter, moments of thrills, and moments of exciting exchange around the storylines and the topics.

#9 Celebrate Valentine with plenty of laughs

Enjoy a comedy or standup comedy show. You’ll find out soon enough that a night of laughter is better than romance and kisses (kind of).

#10 Celebrate with music and upbeat vibes

You don’t need a S/O or a date to enjoy a night of music and upbeat vibes. Check what there is in your city of great informal events and call your untied friends to join you.

#11 Spice up Valentine’s Day with funny pranks

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day could be the best occasion for some funny harmless pranks on your close friends and family member. These cheerful memories will stay with you and all involved for a year to come, if not more. After all, Valentine is also about laughter and joy.

Just remember, it’s Valentine (not Halloween) so keep to the theme and keep it harmless and funny.

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