A ‘Funeral’ Sit-In For Lebanon Just Took Place in Beirut

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On Saturday, a group of Lebanese revolutionaries, all in black, organized a funeral sit-in at the Martyrs’ Square in downtown Beirut to mourn their dying country.

They placed a coffin with a Lebanese flag, and, dressed all in black, they used their bodies to form the word Lebnan in Arabic. The symbolic scene screamed the despair of the people at the decaying situation in Lebanon.

This group, like all those who have been protesting since last year, don’t dwell in denial that Lebanon is sick and dying. They are probably the only majority who are not living in denial nor are they blinded by political talks and promises.

Their protests have been more than a call for a change. It has been a cry for help to save the country.

The economic crisis, corruption, sectarianism, false politics, the quotas system, poverty expanding, and endless other reasons are causing Lebanon’s slow death.

In a strong statement meant to spark an urgent intervention from the government, these protesters sat in, peacefully and mutely, to mourn their beloved country. The country that they love and for which their hearts are breaking.

By doing so, they expressed their despair and that of the nation while delivering their message that the country needs saving with urgent and effective solutions to its many illnesses.

Whether their message was heard or disregarded like all the others the revolutionaries have been issuing for months, it is worth pointing out that this group is a perfect example of how peaceful Lebanese protesters express their anger and demands.

The revolutionaries are determined to keep their peaceful ways of protesting despite all the attempts to drag them into violence and vandalism.

Attempts by anti-revolution people to break their stance have been many but the revolutionaries are standing firm with their love for their country to which they only want the best.

On Friday, there has been such an attempt by thugs sent to destroy stores in Beirut, aiming to drag the peaceful protests into anarchism and discredit the revolution.

The truth is that this Lebanese revolution is the revolution of mothers and fathers, parents and children, grandparents and students, people of professions and laborers, doctors and lawyers, and so on.

It’s a revolution of the nation beyond politics and sectarianism. It is a revolution calling to save Lebanon before it’s too late.

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