10+ games only ’90s Lebanese kids will remember

90s kids are lucky! We spent a lot of time outdoors playing and socializing with our friends. A lot of the games we played stimulated our brains and allowed us to exercise while having fun!

#1 Marble

#2 Simon Says / Jacques a dit

Who are Simon and Jacques and why are they making us lift up our arms or jump?

#3 Tag / Police w haramé

“Tag” is a world-famous game! One player is the police, and he has to run around and tag or “freeze” the thieves on the spot.

#4 Freeze tag / Un, deux, trois, soleil

Once the main player says “freeze” or “1,2,3, soleil,” nobody can move. There was always this annoying kid who would make us laugh so that we lose.

#5 Rattler magnets

This was every single Lebanese parent’s worst nightmare.

#6 Ensan, hayawan, chay2

That was one of the best games ever! A real player knows all the answers by heart!

#7 Hopscotch / Marelle

The best part of the game was drawing the hopscotch using colorful Crayola sidewalk chalk.

#8 Chinese Whispers / Téléphone cassé

The players form a line, and the first person whispers a message to the ear of the next person in the line, and so on and so forth. The last player announces the initial message to the entire group.

#9 Duck, Duck, Goose / Le renard qui passe

#10 Musical chairs

We used to play this game mostly at birthday parties. Now that we look at it, it is kind of similar to class registration days.

#11 Elastic game

#12 Yu-Gi-Oh cards

Do you remember when parents used to say that “Yu-Gi-Oh cards lal chitan”?

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