Gandour Shared Old Pictures And Ads To Celebrate Its 160th Anniversary!

To celebrate its 160th anniversary, Gandour has shared old pictures of its products, store, and factory. Gandour is the all-time-favorite candy brand in Lebanon which offers many types of sweets: from chocolate bars filled with fruit syrup to chocolate waffles, Gandour is Lebanon’s pride in the candy industry. The business started its operation 160 years ago. However, it kept following its tradition which is making candies that will create memories to its consumers. How many times have you taken a bite of Unica and remembered school days?

160 years of sweet memories!

This candy company was founded in 1857 in Lebanon. Thanks to the quality of its products and customer care, the demand for its merchandises increased. So, it opened branches in India, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. Initially, the products of Gandour were limited to candies, loukoum, and marzipan. Over the course of time, it added more products to its collection. Now, this Lebanese brand offers chocolate, cakes, biscuits, gums, wafers, snacks, and oil. Recently, Gandour shared pictures of old products, and these are some of them!

Different types of chocolate

Lemon Puff Wafers

Florentine and Crème Ananas

Gandour Miel and Gandour Citron

Also, there used to be Gandour stores before! If you don’t remember any of these candies, you might remember this ad! Gandour’s legacy is growing every day. Let’s hope that it will sweeten our lives for many more years!

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