Arrested Gang Member In Lebanon Was Cashing 600,000 LBP For Each Stolen Car

Arrested Gang Member In Lebanon Received LBP 600,000 For Each Stolen Car
Hasan Shaaban/Bloomberg

Lebanese security forces have arrested a member of a car-theft gang that operates in northern Lebanon.

In a statement on Saturday, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) said that as part of its Information Branch’s anti-car-theft operations, it was able to arrest a car thief with a history of criminal activity.

The identification and arrest of A.M. (Lebanese, 23) was the outcome of intensive surveillance operations conducted in the northern Lebanese areas that have been recording more car thefts recently, especially in Tripoli and its suburbs.

During these operations, security forces uncovered a new gang that specializes in stealing Kia and Hyundai cars.

A.M., who has been involved in crimes related to drugs and physical assault, was arrested by an Information Branch patrol, in Tripoli‘s Nejmeh Square, on May 17th.

During his interrogation, he admitted that he belonged to a car-theft gang and that he had, with one other person, stolen more than 7 Kia and Hyundai cars from Tripoli and its suburbs.

He and his accomplice would transport stolen cars to the outskirts of Hermel, eastern Lebanon, with the aim of having them smuggled into Syria. The detainee also admitted that he was getting paid 600,000 Lebanese pounds per stolen car.

The required legal measures were taken against him and he has since been referred to the competent judicial authority, while security forces work to arrest his accomplice, according to the ISF.

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