This Gang Is Smuggling Rented Cars From Lebanon Into Syria

This Gang Rents Cars From Lebanon Then Steals & Moves Them To Syria

Security forces in Lebanon have arrested a group of individuals who had been stealing cars from Lebanon and moving them to Syria.

During its routine monitoring to combat car theft in Lebanon, the Internal Security Forces’ (ISF) Information Branch suspected on February 10th two rented cars, the ISF said in a statement on Wednesday.

Subsequently, the Kia Serato and Hyundai Solaris were stopped in Mkalles and Dbayeh, Mount Lebanon Governorate, and their passengers, 25-year-old “M.A.,” 22-year-old “A.A.,” and 27-year-old “F.H.” were all detained.

Upon searching the three suspects, all of whom were identified as Syrian nationals, security forces found ID cards, driving licenses, and residence permits that were all fake.

During their interrogation, the detainees admitted to having formed a car-theft gang and that they had rented the aforementioned cars with the intention of stealing them and transporting them to Syria using fake identification documents.

The ISF’s statement noted that “M.A.” had a criminal record involving drugs and facilitating prostitution and had been arrested on two prior occasions.

Security forces have returned the cars to their owners, and the detainees have been referred to the competent authorities for the necessary legal measures to be taken against them.

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