Here’s The Full Story Of Garderêve Nursery’s Alleged Child Abuse

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Social media videos have surfaced, exposing the horrifying abuse of children at Gardereve Nursery in Jdeide. Jenny Helou Khoury, entrusted with safeguarding these children, is seen allegedly subjecting them to unimaginable brutality.

Following the distressing revelations, a lawsuit has been filed by the parents of the affected children against the perpetrator. The security forces apprehended Khoury and the cleaning lady who recorded the videos.

Tony Mhanna, the Nursery director, has also been summoned for questioning. However, reports indicate that Mhanna is currently in hiding after allegedly fleeing his residence following a police raid.

During an interview with MTV, the mother of one of the children provided harrowing details of the incidents: “Until another parent alerted me to the circulation of the video and the heinous acts occurring at the nursery, I had been oblivious to any signs of mistreatment towards my son. We filed a complaint against the nanny responsible for these acts and against the nursery’s owner.”

Responding to the grave situation, Judge Joelle Abu Haidar, the sole judge in Baabda overseeing juvenile cases in Mount Lebanon, issued an order to suspend the operations of Gardereve Nursery effective immediately.

Firas Abyad, the Minister of Health, confirmed during a press conference that the nursery is currently being sealed with red wax. He also mentioned in a statement that “we will implement the necessary protocols because closure alone is insufficient.”

While awaiting the investigation results, the ministry stated that it “will not tolerate the despicable conduct of those entrusted with the care and protection of children” and pledged to ensure that justice is served.

Last year, a similar situation took place at a nursery in South Lebanon.

العربية Français

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