Gas Filling Plants Closed In Lebanon And Their Owners Want Compensation


The Syndicate of Owners and Investors of Domestic Gas Filling Plants has appealed to the Energy Ministry to reconsider the weekly price-fixing schedule.

They deem it “unfair to the plant owners” who are left without a margin of profit due to the continuous increase in the USD exchange rate, which the Energy Ministry has not been considering, according to them.

“This is causing us huge losses that no one can bear,” they noted.

“Today, the majority of gas filling plants in Lebanon is closed,” they added in their statement, demanding compensation, “a profit margin on each bottle”, and “to sell in dollars or its equivalent according to the dollar exchange rate for the daily market.”

This isn’t the first time the syndicate complains, demanding consideration from the ministry.

Back in April, they also appealed for the ministry to consider their “pains and losses” as they have been unable to cope with the increase in the exchange rate of the USD, which is the currency used by the import companies.

Many gas filling plants had to stop delivering due to the incurred losses.