Gas Station Queues In Lebanon Will Not Subside With The Reopening Of Closed Stations

Gas Station Queues In Lebanon Set To Remain Unchanged As More Closed Stations Resume Operations
Bilal Jawich

Gas station queues in Lebanon are expected to remain unchanged even though a big number of closed stations are supposed to resume operations on Monday.

14 million liters of gasoline were pumped into gas stations all over Lebanon on Friday, which is supposed to allow stations that had been closed for months to operate again.

However, the spokesman of the Syndicate of Petrol Station Owners, George Brax, said that the endless queues will not subside.

In his appearance on LBCI, Brax said that the huge amount of gasoline that was supplied will help in temporarily keeping the fuel crisis under control but it will not make the lines any shorter.

This comes after fuel subsidies were lifted in a failed attempt to try and fix the issue of gas shortage. Instead, people in Lebanon found themselves waiting in the same queue lines while paying almost double the price.

70% of all gas stations in Lebanon are expected to resume operations on Monday.

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