All Gas Stations In Lebanon Will Be Closed Today Until New Prices Are Issued

According to sources to MTV, all gas stations in Lebanon will remain closed until the Ministry issues new prices.

This comes as the exchange between the US Dollar and the Lebanese Lira heavily fluctuated in the last 24 hours.

The exchange rate on the parallel/black market reached a record low of $1 = 55,600LL, from 50,000LL less than a week ago.

Yesterday, fuel prices significantly increased, in line with the exchange rate ending the day at:

  • 95-octane gasoline: 958,000 LL
  • 98-octane gasoline: 982,000 LL
  • Diesel: 1,007,000 LL
  • LP gas: 613,000 LL

The Chairman of the Syndicate of Gas Distributors, Jean Hatem, told MTV yesterday that they “can’t bear more losses due to the high price of the dollar.” He said that gas is available, the problem “lies in the pricing.”

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