Over 140 Gas Stations In Lebanon Are Refusing To Receive Fuel Due To Threats

Arab News

In light of increased violence at gas stations across the country, more than 140 gas stations have refused to receive fuel from distributors.

The move, according to the stations, was done in order to protect their workers. 

According to distributors’ representative Fadi Abu Shaqra, gas station employees are being threatened, blackmailed, physically assaulted, and are unable to protect themselves while simply doing their jobs.

Gas station disputes have been erupting into armed conflicts, the first of which took the life of 24-year-old Ghais Masry in Akkar during Eid al-Fitr weekend last month. 

Speaking to NNA, Abu Shaqra called on the authorities to protect gas stations and their workers who are just trying to do their jobs. 

In addition to armed conflicts, the humiliating and tedious wait in hours-long queues is causing immense traffic and leading to horrific car accidents.

Just two days ago, a mother and her 4 children were tragically killed in a car crash while refueling.