Lebanon Just Resolved Its Gasoline Crisis

REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir

According to a representative of the country’s fuel distributors, Lebanon’s gasoline crisis, which compelled fuel distributors to halt gas deliveries to stations due to insufficient stocks, has ended.

“Ships have started unloading their cargo,” Fadi Abu Shaqra, representative of fuel distributors in Lebanon, told the National News Agency.

Credits: Mohamed Azakir

“Gasoline was distributed today to fuel stations and distribution will continue tomorrow in a wider manner,” he added, aiming to fill up all the gas stations in the country with sufficient gasoline stocks by New Year’s Eve.

Abu Shaqra also told Asharq al-Awsat newspaper in remarks published on Tuesday that four oil ships, which were secured for Lebanon, had refrained from unloading their cargo after the Central Bank’s failure to open credits for them.

This positive development comes after Lebanese citizens rushed on Tuesday to petrol stations to fill their vehicle tanks. However, according to Naharnet, some stations were not meeting customers’ needs as others limited the purchases to 20 liters.

The shortage and increasing prices of gasoline was one of the many challenges Lebanon’s population had to deal with, due to the central bank’s subsidies nearing an end.

However, in an interview with Reuters on Tuesday, caretaker prime minister Hassan Diab said that Lebanon can now ration $2 billion in reserves left for subsidies to last six more months.

As the Gasoline crisis is resolved, for the time being, Iraq’s oil minister Ihsan Abdul Jabbar announced one week ago that an agreement has been reached with Lebanon to start exporting fuel to Beirut during the beginning of 2021.

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