LF Leader Accused The Lebanese Presidency Of Seeking To Commit As Many Violations Before The End Of Its Term


Lebanese Forces (LF) leader Samir Geagea accused the Presidency and its allies of seeking to commit as many violations as possible prior to the end of President Michel Aoun’s term.

This came in connection with the controversy over a decision to name an alternate judicial investigator in the Beirut Blast case, which has provoked several protests by the families of the victims, one of which turned violent on Friday.

“Another crime is being committed against the martyrs and those affected by the Beirut port blast,” Geagea said in a statement.

“No matter how much labels are fabricated and justifications are made, what is happening is the epitome of insolence and disregard for people’s lives, sentiments, properties, and sources of income,” he said.

He also warned that if the Presidency and its allies intend to violate the law in the remaining period of Aoun’s term, the Lebanese will witness “very difficult 50 days.”

“We have never bowed to any difficulties and we will continue through all legal, legitimate and possible means in order not to allow the Presidency and its allies to manipulate the crime of the Beirut port explosion,” Geagea pledged.

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