Geagea Called For Emergency Govt Meeting Over Reports Of Iran Smuggling Weapons Through Beirut Airport

Lebanese MP and head of the Lebanese Forces (LF) party Samir Geagea called for an emergency cabinet meeting on Friday in response to media claims that Hezbollah was transporting weapons from Iran through Beirut’s airport.

Geagea took to Twitter stating: “This is a delicate, dangerous, and emergency matter that requires an urgent and necessary meeting by the caretaker cabinet to gather all the needed information and take all the necessary measures to preserve the security and stability of the Lebanese.”

He also called on the caretaker cabinet to take this matter seriously, as well as act promptly and efficiently.

This new smuggling route allegedly came about due to Israel’s efforts to prevent the transfer of Iranian weapons through Damascus.

The Iranian airlines’ first flight reportedly occurred on November 14, and the corporation might be transferring weapons and sensitive equipment to Hezbollah.

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