Gemayel & Rifi Call Out Hezbollah & Urge Lebanese To ‘Resist’

Sami Gemayel, MP and Chief of Kataeb Party in Lebanon, made a speech at the party’s 32nd congress where he expressed strong opposition to Hezbollah and its actions in the country.

He criticized Hezbollah for turning Lebanon into an “Islamic Republic” that threatens the values and identity of the Lebanese Republic.

He accused the party of changing the country’s culture, destroying the judiciary, institutions, freedom of expression, and media, and putting the country at risk.

Gemayel argued that the Lebanese people should not accept living as second-class citizens and must resist Hezbollah‘s attempts to control the country.

Gemayel was critical of the now-defunct March 14 camp, of which Kataeb was once a part, for its “performance” and accused its officials of surrendering the country to Hezbollah.

He claimed that the “strong Christian term” during which many Christians left the country was a result of this surrender.

He stressed that there are now two states in Lebanon, the Lebanese Republic and the Hezbollah Republic, and that the Islamic Republic is trying to destroy the spirit of the Lebanese Republic.

Gemayel called for a change in approach toward the current situation in Lebanon and for the country’s citizens to unite. He stated that the traditional methods of dealing with the dictatorship have failed and that the people must stop bargaining and work together.

He went on to say that the Kataeb Party considers Lebanon not just a homeland, but also a spirit and a space for civilization and democracy, and that there is an attempt to kill this spirit and change the face of Lebanon.

Gemayel also warned that those who are trying to eliminate Lebanon are an armed group that takes its sect hostage and tries to turn the conflict into fanaticism between the sects.

Gemayel vowed to disrupt the presidential elections if the opposing camp elects a president who will support Hezbollah‘s armed presence for six more years.

He emphasized that preserving the freedom and identity of the country is a top priority and that this will not be possible unless the people are united.

MP Ashraf Rifi also spoke at the conference in support of the “Lebanon first” goal and called for unity against the alliance of arms and corruption that has destabilized the country.

He emphasized the need to work together to save the Republic and prevent its collapse. Rifi stated that the alliance of arms and corruption has cut off all means of life of the Republic, putting the country on the verge of collapsing.

He urged the Lebanese people to come together and work towards a common goal to protect and preserve their country.