Take A Look At Gemy Maalouf’s Mesmerizing Bridal Collection 2023

Gemy Maalouf

Now that designers around the world have released their stunning bridal, haute couture, and ready-to-wear collections for winter and summer 2022, they are now revealing their new collections for 2023.

Out of the talented designers that showcased their collection for the upcoming year, the Lebanese designer Gemy Maalouf presented her bridal 2023 collection under the title of “Breath of Hope”.

Her new bridal collection is unique as it carries a sense of boldness that teases the traditional in the same series, and sometimes in the same gown.

It is a collection that makes an “I Am Woman” statement of brides with their own minds and personality, embracing the new and the vintage, the bold and the subtle.

Here is a sneak peek: