Generators’ Owners In South Lebanon Arrested For Rejecting The Official Prices


Sidon in South Lebanon entered into an open confrontation with some owners of private generators who are refusing to abide by the pricing set by the Ministry of Economy.

13 generators’ owners were arrested in Sidon police station after being summoned to sign a pledge to abide by the official pricing, but they refused.

As a result, some people decided to collectively turn off the generators to pressure those concerned to release the arrested generators’ owners.

These two actions came after a long series of previous meetings and contacts between the political forces in the city and the municipality.

And eventually, they called the Appeal Public Prosecutor in the south, Judge Raheef Ramadan, to work on this file and ask the Ministry of Economy to carry out its responsibilities and tasks of monitoring.

Sidonian sources told Nidaa Al-Watan that lawyer Muhammad Al-Yaman submitted a request on behalf of the generators’ owners to the municipality to secure diesel to operate all generators in Sidon under its auspices.

However, the request was rejected. They were told that only the judiciary and security forces can make a decision, and also the Ministry of Economy.

The only solution available to them is to adhere to the ministry’s pricing without any increase or additional fees.

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