Georges Khabbaz Voices a Character in a Lebanese 3D Animation Film!

For the first time, the cinemas across the Middle East will screen a Lebanese 3D animation film. The movie, which is called “The Elephant King,” has been directed by Hadi Muhammadian, and produced by the company called 

Meem Cultural Productions


About the movie

“The Elephant King” is set on one of the islands of Eritrea which is the home of a massive population of elephants. The story is about the king’s son, Shadphant, whose birth was a disappointment for the elephants since his obesity was causing many problems. After the head of the hunters decided to invade the island and export the elephants to the king of Yemen, the population realizes the true value of Shadpant. The movie also features many wild animals such as zebras and mice. In fact, the renowned Lebanese actor Georges Khabbaz is the voice actor of one of the main characters, which is the mice Farfour. The movie will be screened for the first time in December.