Ever Hear A German-Lebanese Song? Neither have we.. Until Now!

Someone sent us this video of a German-Lebanese song and we found it pretty cool. So we thought to share it with you.

Lebanese people are literally present in every single country in the world. We’ve integrated well and spread our influence and culture where we go. Germany is not an exception.

Actually, Germany is among the top 7 countries in terms of where the961’s visitors live. There are very active Lebanese communities in Germany and every major city has a Lebanese Maronite Church. This song is by Jaggal Fadi, a Lebanese-German guy. He’s pretty legit. His Facebook has the blue verification and this video got over twenty thousand views on Youtube.

In the video, we see him go all over Lebanon. He switches between Arabic and German throughout the song. The main message behind it is that regardless of which religion, we’re all Lebanese. 


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