These Are The Only German Restaurants In Lebanon And You Need To Try Them


Lebanon is not famous for its delicious food solely, but also for its various restaurants that give you a taste of worldwide cuisine.

German food is among the various cuisines you can find in Lebanon yet it is not as spread as others, which makes visiting the only available German restaurants in the country a treat not to miss.

So, for a taste of German cuisine that will take you on a tasty trip to Deutschland, here are the restaurants you ought to try:

Das Kuche, The Sausage House – Mar Mikhael

Das Kuche, translated from German to “The Kitchen”, is one of the top German restaurants in Lebanon.

It has a greatly decorated setting, very similar to German streets and restaurants.

Das Kuche has a rich variety of sausages, beer, burgers, potatoes, and desserts.

It also sells packs of frozen sausages for you to take home and have a taste of German food whenever you feel like it.

Munchen Pub Resto – Mar Mikhael

Munchen Pub Resto will not only serve you the tastiest German beer and pretzels but it will offer you a great variety of authentic German food, beer, and even cocktails.

To set up a complete vibe for its customers, Muchen has performers that will make you fall more in love with the place.

KB Doner – Hamra

While KB Doner offers a great variety of German doners (the traditional German street food brought by Turkish people to Germany), it adds the perfect Lebanese and Turkish twist.

These original doners are filled with chicken or beef shawarma that mix up German, Turkish, and Lebanese cuisine all in one!

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