Get To Know The Lebanese Ancient City Of Nabatieh

The South of Lebanon comprises many districts, each district differentiates in terms of subcultures, including food and dialect. The Nabatieh governorate is one of the eight governorates in the South and one of the six largest cities in Lebanon.

Nabatieh is one of the beginning stops en route to the South. Upon entering this beautiful city, you will come to the realization that it embodies both village life and city life.

The way this city is built is that on the outside you see shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, and working institutions. However, upon entering further in, you begin to notice that stories lie between the walls and alleys of the old souks.

Let’s talk history and what really makes Nabatieh a truly authentic part of Lebanon. Nabatieh is home to the Beaufort Castle, an architectural landmark that shouldn’t be missed while exploring Nabatieh. It is known to Middle-Eastern travelers as Shqif Arnun, where Shqif means rock.

The castle is known to be the biggest fortress in Lebanon. It was rebuilt by the Crusaders during the 12th century. Another historical landmark in this old city is the Mosque of the Prophet, located in the upper part of Nabatieh.

The city itself is true to traditions. Every Monday, they hold a market called Souq Al Thanen, meaning Monday’s Market. It’s where you can find everyone gathering to exchange goods and products.

While exploring the picturesque streets of Nabatieh, you could come to imagine the historical figures, natives of the city, and that the locals take pride in.

Figures such as Ahmad Rida and Muhammad Jaber Al Safa, both prominent politicians and writers who greatly impacted Lebanon and influenced the Middle East.

Bringing you back to our current time, Nabatieh has all the amenities to be a good place to live, and should not be underestimated in terms of modernity. It is known for being very lively with major shopping malls, famous brands, great restaurants, cine theaters, and entertainment venues.

Locals don’t need to leave the district to enjoy a good party or a fun Sunday. Nabatieh has it all. You might want to consider planning a weekend in this city and get to explore it, enjoy it, interact with its people, and learn its history.