13 Getaways In Lebanon Where You Can Have A Relaxing Escape In Nature

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Lebanon is home to amazing nature, as the country is located on the Mediterranean sea and boasts several gorgeous towns and villages.

Both locals and tourists can enjoy the many places offering a nice and relaxing escape surrounded by stunning scenery.

Whether you want to spend a night or a few days breathing fresh air and overlooking a stunning view, here are places in Lebanon to escape into nature with your loved ones!

Blue Jay Valley – Jezzine

Located in the heart of Jezzine, Blue Jay Valley is hidden in a green valley surrounded by pines and oaks and offers a comforting escape from the city.

The place features stone chalets, wooden bungalows, fully furnished tents, and a pool (for people aged 17+)

For inquiries, contact 07 811 112/3 or 78 880 088.

Kahloon Village – Nammoura

Kahloon Village is an “authentic village” offering a good destination for families, friends, and couples seeking a new experience surrounded by serene Lebanese mountains.

For more info, contact 70 777 085.

Le Camp – Deir El Haref

Take a 30-minute ride from Beirut, and head to Le Camp in Deir El Harf. It is a perfect vacation destination for people who want to enjoy a few hours or days of calm and a view of beautiful nature.

The place also provides camping, picnic, and barbecue areas and a wide space where children can enjoy hours playing around.

Le Camp is pet friendly. Contact 76 355 677 for more info.

Nomads Nature and Nurture – Serjbel

Located about 37 minutes from Beirut, Nomads Nature and Nurture is a getaway tucked away into a jungle-like place, where people can rest by the river-side, camp out & BBQ, and warm up near a traditional oven.

The wellness center and lodging are good for couples, wanderers, families, children, and their furry pets!

Contact 76 370 709 for inquiries.

Arsoun Village Park – Arsoun

Arsoun Village Park is a forest adventure park just 30 minutes from Beirut, where you and your loved ones can enjoy a picnic, camp, outdoor activities, and a chill experience.

For more info, contact 71 228 111.

FarmVille Barouk – Barouk

Head to Barouk in the Chouf District, and get the opportunity to taste days of simple life and natural food, as well as a stress-free environment on the farm.

Contact 76 711 811 for booking.

La Maison de la Forêt – Bkassine

La Maison de la Forêt is a “sweet escape” away from the city’s hustle. The place is an eco-touristic site in Bkassine’s Pine forest, offering an escape for people who are looking to breathe some fresh air and have a break from their daily routine.

For more info, you can contact 07 800 222.

The Cave Resort – Akkar

Situated in Akkar, Northern Lebanon, The Cave Resort is a great destination for a staycation in a calm and beautiful spot where people, especially couples, can have a nice escape overlooking a breathtaking view.

You can contact 70 411 103 for inquiries.

Mountain View Tannourine – Tannourine

Mountain View Tannourine features wooden bungalows in the heart of Tannourine’s glorious nature surrounded by rocky mountains and a panoramic view all the way to the sea.

For booking, contact 03 497 775.

Dar Zefta – Nabatieh

Located in the heart of Nabatieh, Southern Lebanon, Dar Zefta has been a nice and relaxing getaway since 1911!

The Bed and Breakfast offers wide green spaces and a traditional Lebanese home where people can enjoy a fresh escape.

For booking, contact 81 895 151.

Beit Trad – Kfour

Located in Kfour, the Beit Trad is a family mountain house where you and your friends can have a stress-free stay and fun times.

To book a room or the house, you may contact 70 414 242.

Vanhalla – Kfaraakab

Vanhalla is a unique van escape and a destination for free-spirited people to have a camping getaway and a sunset view over the surrounding valleys.

For more info, contact 81 331 138.

Beyt El Jabal – Deir el Qamar

Located in old Deir el-Qamar, Beyt El Jabal is a guesthouse and restaurant offering stone-built rooms and suites for a relaxing stay by Chouf’s green mountains.

The guesthouse is open all year round. For room booking, contact 71 160 767.

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