Newly Elected MP In Batroun: “Hezbollah Did To Lebanon What Israel Couldn’t Do”


Newly elected member of parliament Ghayyath Yazbeck said, “Hezbollah did in Lebanon what Israel did not do, as it has impoverished the country and removed it from its family; I fear that the presidential elections might be disrupted.”

Yazbek ran in the elections in the North III district in the Lebanese Forces (LF) list “The Pulse of the Strong Republic.”

“We will not elect Nabih Berri as head of parliament and we’ll hold the responsibility of that election on Amal and Hezbollah,” he stated in his conversation with MTV.

He expressed intentions of getting Lebanon back on the right track, which includes making amends with its “Arab family”.

In his statement, he assured that the Lebanese Forces (LF) never supported the election of Nabih Berri as head of parliament, and nor did they curse Hezbollah or the Marada or the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM).

It is the mentioned parties that cursed the Lebanese Forces (LF), Ghayyath said.

The newly elected member of parliament assured however that despite disagreeing with Nabih Berri being head of parliament, the Lebanese Forces (LF) will not refrain from attending parliamentary sessions.

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Newly Elected MP In Batroun: "Hezbollah Did To Lebanon What Israel Couldn't Do"

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