Meet The Lebanese Parkour Athlete Ghina Chehwan Aiming To Drive Social Change


She’s young, fearless, supple, full of energy, and hard to catch up with when she passionately performs her daring acrobatic moves.

Her name is Ghina Chehwan, a Lebanese female athlete who can cut one’s breath with some of her daring performances.

In April, she distinguished herself in the international sports competition 2022 King of The Concrete (KOTC) for parkour held in Los Angeles, USA.

The competition took place with the participation of 20 athletes – 12 males and 8 females – selected based on qualifiers. 

The KOTC competition is one of the three most prominent parkour competitions worldwide.

This was Ghina’s first participation in the KOTC competition and the only Middle Eastern. She imposed herself with her performance during the 2-day competition despite some elbow and foot injuries, thanks to intensive training and the supervision of her coach Zaher Ziadeh.

Parkour is a rather-popular type of extreme sport, made by jumping movements designed to quickly move from one place to another using physical abilities while overcoming obstacles and barriers.

There is more to Ghina Chehwan than parkour athletism. She is an IOC Young Leader with the International Olympic Committee sports organization, which is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

She’s also an activist at heart who uses her passion both for sport and writing to drive social changes. 

She has published a children’s illustration book called “Rise Above” intended to promote “equality, sport-based education, and refugee empowerment” and carries “a message of unity, peace, triumph, and hope,” as stated by the IOC website.

Ghina also promotes her messages of unity, peace, and healing on her Instagram page Falling for Words, which reads: “To every word left unsaid, and every scar left unhealed.”

You can watch her performance here:

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