A Beirut Municipality Arrested A Rooster For Disturbing Neighbors


In a series of events that only happen in Lebanon, the Ghobeiry municipality arrested a rooster from inside an apartment building in the Chiyah area.

The arrest was based on complaints of disturbance from the neighbors due to the rooster’s constant crowing.

The municipality demanded that the rooster’s owner “move it to places exclusively designated for it […] under the risk of taking full legal and criminal measures against him”.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese people found this strange incident an opportunity to express their sense of humor.

“Imagine someone asking it “What are you in for?” said a user on Reddit.

Another Redditor went for the authorities: “Can you arrest the corrupted? The rooster is only doing its job, as opposed to others.”

Sarcasm and criticism were also seen on Twitter, with some calling it “Breaking News.”

However, the municipality had to interfere in what some are deeming a minor issue. The people in Beirut have had enough of sleepless and restless nights.

With all the ongoing stress, they only have these nightly hours to close their eyes and minds (and ears) to all the political and crisis “noises” and forget for a moment of needed peace that things are not alright in their country.

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A Beirut Municipality Arrested A Rooster For Disturbing Neighbors

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