Carlos Ghosn Will Reveal New Secrets About Japan in Upcoming Book
Diego Ibarra Sanchez for The New York Times

In a live video conference from Beirut, the ex-CEO of Nissan Carlos Ghosn taunted Japan of his upcoming book: “Wait until I publish my book!” Ghosn said in what Japan Times considered a threatening tone.

From his current residence in Beirut, the former president of Nissan-Renault alliance vowed to reveal shocking informaton through a book soon to be published.

Ghosn claims that the book contains proof that is significant enough to confirm the deep-rooted relationship between the car manufacturer Nissan and the Japanese government.

According to the Japan Times, Ghosn explained, “You will understand much more about the facts. We have a lot of people talking behind the scenes.”

The newspaper considered Ghosn to be threatening the Japanese government in his choice of words.

He also advised foreigners not to accept positions or corporations in companies operating in Japan because of the “dangers of being trapped,” warning that what had happened with him “could happen with anyone.”

According to the Japan Times, Ghosn said his book will show “clear evidence not only of collusion between the prosecutor and part of Nissan management but also behind-the-scenes’ support from a part of the Japanese government.”

The Japanese newspaper confirmed that Ghosn has been working with the former French journalist Philippe Ries on his new book. The book is said to be published by Grasset before the end of the year.

The business guru has escaped Japan illegally to Beirut after a long battle with the Japanese judicial system. He claims that Japan’s justice system is cruel, unfair, and biased.

In 2018, Carlos Ghosn was one of the most powerful managers of auto companies in the world. Two years later, he is now considered an international fugitive, according to a report by the American Business Insider’s website.

As the head of the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance, the Lebanese Brazilian-born businessman who studied in France supervised sales of cars that had revenues of more than $243 billion worldwide by 2018.

Over time, he gained numerous nicknames such as “Le Cost Killer” and “Mr. Fix It” as he has previously thrived an almost bankrupt company (Nissan) in the 1990s. He has gained fame for changing the direction of failed car companies.

Ghosn has previously denied all allegations since his first arrest in November 2018.

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