Carlos Ghosn Wired Over Half A Million Dollars To The Alleged Escape Artists

Reuters | Taylor Family

Prosecutors in the United States have found that Carlos Ghosn had paid over half a million dollars to the two American men who helped him flee.

Reuters reports that Ghosn transferred $862,500 to Promote Fox LLC, a company managed by Peter Taylor and a brother.

According to the court filing on Tuesday, July 7th, the money was wired to Promote Fox LLC last October in two installments from a bank account in Paris.

Taylor and his father Michel, a U.S. Army Special Forces veteran, were arrested in May. Japan has been on their tail seeking their extradition for their connection to the escape.

The Taylors have been fighting to be released on bail and have expressed fears of contracting the coronavirus while in custody.

Their lawyers have also argued that helping someone jump bail is not technically a crime in Japan. There is also a petition for their release with hundreds of signatures.

However, prosecutors said that the evidence of financial resources creates a flight risk and hence the Taylors must remain detained.

Michel and Peter Taylor – Taylor Family

Wondering how two American men got caught up in all of this? The Taylors’ connection to Ghosn is explained briefly by Bloomberg in this video.

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