Ghosn’s Japanese Lawyers Just Quit

Carlos Ghosn infamously escaped Japan in what has since been referred to as a Houdini-like stunt. And his Japanese lawyers did not appreciate he did that without any prior warning, to say the least.

According to reports on multiple news and media outlets, Japanese attorneys representing the former Nissan Chief “quit” on Thursday, January 16, 2020, due to his unauthorized and unannounced flight to Lebanon in December 2019, which has paralyzed the financial misconduct charges and the case against him.

Subsequently, the office of the lead lawyer Junichiro Hironaka just issued an official statement that they had filed with the Tokyo District Court letters of resignation for all Ghosn’s lawyers who are connected with all cases related to Ghosn.

Although he expressed that he has felt some “empathy” for Ghosn’s reasons for wanting to escape, he stressed that he had hoped to win the trial legally in court.

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#DQ國際要聞 戈恩逃走中 (續集):日產救星的千萬逃亡計畫⁣ ⁣ 因為低報薪資、挪用公款而從「#日產救星」的神壇跌落後,今年年初,前 @nissan 總裁戈恩 (Carlos Ghosn) 逃過層層監視、潛逃出境的消息震驚了許多人。⁣ ⁣ 而在5個月後,這起有前綠扁帽成員參與、規模浩大的逃跑計畫,也漸漸被攤開在世人的眼前!⁣ -⁣ ? 日產總裁逃走中⁣ ⁣ 上周三 (20),美國逮捕了前美軍特種部隊綠扁帽成員泰勒 (Michael Taylor),以及他的兒子與同事,三人因涉嫌協助前日產總裁戈恩 (Carlos Ghosn) 從日本脫逃,讓這起逮捕案受到國際矚目。⁣ -⁣ ? 前綠扁帽成員兼人質救援專家⁣ ⁣ 為戈恩籌畫逃脫計畫的泰勒曾於黎巴嫩服役,退伍後,他成為一間私人保安公司的總裁。這間公司專門提供人質談判、私人護衛等服務,就連《紐約時報》都曾是他的客戶。⁣ ⁣ 過去,泰勒還曾因詐欺進入位於美國猶他州 (Utah) 鄉間的監獄,他聲稱自己當時受到殘酷對待,因此特別能同情戈恩的困境:「我們都曾是不公平司法體系裡的人質。」⁣ -⁣ ? 逃脫計畫的起點與終點⁣ ⁣ 這部分的詳細內容可至限動、主頁精選上滑連結觀看,或至DQ官網搜尋《戈恩逃走中 (續)日產救星的千萬逃亡計畫 美國退役綠扁帽涉案遭逮》這篇文章!⁣ -⁣ ? 從夏天就開始規劃⁣ ⁣ 《紐約時報》引述知情人士說法,表示整起逃脫計畫從去年夏天就已開始進行,泰勒與超過12名來自世界各地的專家密切檢視日本的安檢漏洞,整起計畫所耗費的總成本據信超過百萬美元。⁣ ⁣ 1. 前日產總裁戈恩因虛報薪資、涉嫌不法投資等罪行遭逮捕交保後,一直努力籌畫如何逃離日本。⁣ ⁣ 2. 逃脫計畫完成後,泰勒被拍攝於土耳其通關,準備飛往黎巴嫩。⁣ ⁣ photo credit ? @reuters、@apnews /達志影像⁣ ⁣ #到限動看更多 ? 跟隊長聊聊天⁣ #日本 #黎巴嫩 #日產 #戈恩 #潛逃 #逃亡 #綠扁帽 #美軍 #陸軍 #特種部隊 #樂器箱 #Japan #NISSAN #CarlosGhosn #evasion #abscond #instrumentbox #instrumentcase #MichaelTaylor #Lebanon #USArmy #GreenBerets #USASOC #USASFC #reuters #APPhoto⁣

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A second lawyer in Ghosn’s three-person legal team, Takashi Takano, has also quit according to an official who has spoken to the press on his behalf from his offices.

As per Reuters’ reports, a woman who reportedly answered the phone at the office of Ghosn’s third lawyer Hiroshi Kawatsu stated she did not know if he still represents Ghosn or has any ties to his case at this time.

In case you have been living under a rock, Ghosn spent 130 days in detention and faced financial misconduct charges in Japan.

However, he has repeatedly denied all the charges and claimed he was a victim of a conspiracy plot by both Nissan and Japanese officials.

In his press conference in January 2020 from Beirut, Ghosn stated he fled due to the fact that he could not anticipate a fair trial for himself in Japan. He has also previously insisted that the Japanese legal procedures being undertaken against him were unjust.

As reported on multiple news outlets, Ghosn is believed to have left Japan in true Hollywood fashion – alleged to have hidden in a large case for audio equipment aboard a private jet, aided by a team of operatives.

Interpol has issued a wanted notice but his extradition from Lebanon is currently unlikely and paralyzed amid more pressing matters (like maybe the Revolution, or the fact that we still do not have a government. Maybe.)

Meanwhile, legal cases persist against Ghosn’s alleged accomplice Greg Kelly, who also faces related financial misconduct charges associated with Ghosn’s case.

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