Carlos Ghosn’s Wife Is Being Pressured Against Her Husband

Carlos Ghosn’s story with the Renault and the Japanese judicial system is now common knowledge. We have relayed it to you previously and followed it with an update when his videotaped message* to the world came out.

With so many talks, hearsays, rumors, and speculations, we got to wonder what was really going on with his family. 

Today, we finally get to hear from his wife Carole Ghosn, who revealed via an interview with BBC News, her untold side of the story and the tremendous pressure on her from the Japanese authorities to use her to weaken her husband’s case.

As we know, Carlos Ghosn faces four charges of financial wrongdoing in Japan. Despite the fact that her husband is claimed guilty, all while controversially still remaining under investigation, that did not stop Carole from pleading for his innocence.

As per Mrs. Ghosn, these alleged charges are a scheme to detach him from his position as a chairman and CEO, while firmly stating: “My husband is innocent, and time will prove the truth.”

Carole flew to France, seeking contact and support from the French president, Emmanuel Macron, followed by her trip to the United States where she called for Donald Trump’s intervention.

Nonetheless, she plans on traveling to Brazil to seek the help of president Jair Bolsonaro. 

Mrs. Ghosn states that her husband’s treatment should be deemed “Inhumane and Cruel” for being placed under long detention and harsh conditions, which are designed to force a confession out of him.

In light of that, she decides to file two petitions to the United Nations, claiming that there is a breach of human rights in the detention status of her husband, while also seeking the aid of the public.

She further commented by saying: “We’re hurting. We’re suffering. And whether you are rich or poor, you should have basic human rights.” 

In her BBC televised interview, Mrs. Ghosn expressed immense gratitude to those who stood up and fought for her husband’s innocence.

The intervention and aid of those people have touched in ways that pushed her to keep fighting for her husband. No matter how brutal and hopeless the situation seemed, those acts of kindness lifted her spirit.

It has been two months since Carole has last seen her husband, following his last arrest on the 4th of April. That arrest was brutal and traumatized their entire family as the prosecutors “stormed into their house at 5:15 in the morning” as Carole revealed.

Carlos was later on released on bail, at about $4.5 million, under the condition of seizing all contact with his wife.

During Carole’s interview with BBC News, things got emotional for her while she stated that she is “anxious and scared” due to the uncertainty of what the future holds.

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Emotions spike as the interview came to an end. Mrs. Ghosn was on the verge of collapsing. Her reputation was being dragged to the ground in attempts to weakening her husband’s case.

Nonetheless, she has been standing on her ground, refusing to waver at the damages done on her reputation and the constant pressuring.

Mrs. Ghosn has merely been a loving wife, desperately concerned about the wellbeing of her detained husband, and freeing him from the conspiracy she claimed he is a victim of. 

Even so, her faith and optimism in her husband’s innocence appeared to be lifting her spirit and fueling her determination to take a stand for her husband, and see his freedom reinstated.

From talk shows to interviews, and visits to world leaders to petitions, Carole Ghosn is indeed going beyond in trying to defeat what seems like an intricate plot against her husband.

And yet, her husband’s fate still uncertain to-date, and many more questions are dwelling around the world on whether he is guilty or innocent.

Will Mrs. Ghosn be reunited again with her husband and will we be seeing them together again? Only time will tell. 

To know Carlos Ghosn’s side of the story, check Carlos Ghosn Just Released a Video Explaining What Is Actually Going On.

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