A Look At Giannina Azar’s Glamourous Haute Couture For Spring & Summer 2022

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Alluring, mesmerizing, and full of glamor, the evening gowns of Giannina Azar’s haute couture for Spring & Summer 2022 are nothing short of royally.

The Lebanese-Colombian designer appeared to have released this new collection for royalties and women who don’t shy away from imposing themselves in elegance and self-confidence; gowns fit for prestigious events and red carpets.

The colors of gold and silver predominate with rich intricate details, as well as daring styles that are no less imposing. If one could summarize this collection, it would be fit to label “affluent feminism.”

The subtle color of Baby Blue is also present in the collection, representing the sky of the season and reflecting the softness of the summer feel.

Majestic gowns appear in the collection, whimsical and royally, reminiscence of the Pharaonic royalty, fully glittering in silver, and seductive in form-fitting styles.

This golden shade and artistic glittery layering, along with the trendy and alluring accessories play a major role in complementing the astonishing designs.

And many are simply spectacular.

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