Glasses that let legally blind people see now available in Lebanon!

Most of us take the gift of sight for granted. However, millions of people around the world are deprived of this sense. Nobody could anticipate that there might be a solution for blindness. However, a revolutionizing technology is giving for the legally blind the opportunity to see. In fact, a person is legally blind when their visual field is 20 degrees or less. eSight3 are electronic glasses that allow people who are affected by blindness or visual impairment to see again. The hands-free technology allows the user to see whatever they want: from reading a text message to performing a daily task, these glasses are giving back the gift of sight for people who have trouble seeing. In fact, the Lebanese opticians have announced that eSight3 is now available in Lebanon! The distributor of these glasses in Lebanon Pierre Antaki announced that these glasses offer independence for people who have sight problems: they do not require the assistance of anyone in their lives. eSight3 contains an HD camera in addition to two OLED screens. So, the user sees through a camera. Thanks to a remote control that is attached to the glasses, the user can manually change the settings of the colors, the contrast, and the lights. They can even zoom in and out. These glasses also have features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, and SD. An optician named Naji Bassil hoped that Lebanese NGOs would help legally blind people to obtain these glasses which are not cheap. To note, the majority of blind people face financial struggles since they are not able to work.

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