Lebanese Gov’t Just Voted Against Lifting Immunity From Ministers, Making It Harder To Hold Legally Accountable


On Wednesday, April 22nd, Lebanese lawmakers continued their legislative session for the second day in UNESCO Palace to discuss and take decisions on urgent draft laws.

Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri opened the session at 11:00 AM in the presence of PM Hassan Diab, ministers, and government representatives.

To the debate, Berri presented a proposal submitted by MPs Hany Qubaisi and Hassan Fadlallah to lift the immunity from ministers, which would make it easier to prosecute ministers in court.

However, the parliament voted to remove the urgency of the draft law, despite its importance. They also voted against removing bank secrecy, which also makes it almost impossible to hold corrupt officials accountable.

They also rejected a draft law calling for early parliamentary elections and removed the urgency on the Bisri Dam issue.