Lebanon’s New Government Just Won The Confidence Vote

Thousands flocked to the streets on February 11th to fight the long awaited battle of trying to block the MPs from reaching parliament and giving the current government the confidence.

This is the third time during this revolution that the protesters have attempted to block the MPs from reaching parliament. They stood outside chanting “no confidence” and clashed with security forces who proceeded to throw tear gas.

Despite all the opposition from the people in the streets and even certain political blocs, such as Future, Kataeb, Lebanese Forces, and the Progressive Socialist Party, the government was able to secure a victory.

84 MPs attended the session and 63 voted in favor of the current government, 20 against, and 1 abstained.

Kataeb MP Samy Gemayel blasted the session saying that it is unconstitutional.

“Initiating the session without a quorum is unconstitutional and represents a blow to Lebanon’s democracy,” he tweeted.

The security forces have shown preparation as a day before the protests were set to begin as they installed a concrete wall blocking protesters’ access to Martyr’s Square. The protesters however managed to remove the wall.

The protests were also brutal as the number of injuries, according to the Red Cross, has risen to over 400 with 45 requiring hospitalization.

Salim Saade, a prominent member of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, was injured when trying to enter parliament as protesters threw rocks at his convoy. His injuries led to him being hospitalized, however, he was able to attend the session.

They also surrounded the car of one cabinet member, Demianos Kattar, and pelted him with eggs.

This is the second time that the parliament has successfully managed to defy the will of the people and vote against their wishes.

For many protesters, the parliamentary session is an attempt to bypass the people and pass whatever laws or policies they want without regard for what the people want.

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