12 Great Ideas To Welcome 2022 In A Good Mood In Lebanon

Dangerous New Year Celebratory Shooting Will Be Met With Strict Measures In Lebanon

Partying is not the only way to happily welcome the New Year. And while there are many great events happening in Lebanon on the 31st, there are other fun things you can do to step into 2022 with new happy memories. That’s especially true if you are not a party person.

Somehow, there’s a superstition that how we spend NYE will be how our new year will be. So people make an extra effort and those who can’t afford it tend to feel more sad than happy that night.

The good news is that this is totally false. However, it is always a good thing to do something special just to mark the date.

So, since we are all eager to bid farewell to 2021 for all the hardships it brought upon us in Lebanon, let’s do it in a fun way, and may 2022 be a year of awesomeness to all.

Buckle up, here are some good suggestions for you. Remember, this is all about you having a good time and making the turn of the year memorable.

#1 Go Camping

Lebanon has great camping sites where you can spend an amazing time with your friends while enjoying unforgettable experiences, breathtaking sceneries, and NYE around a campfire. Some of these camping sites are even organized and equipped if you are not a camping connoisseur.

Brave the weather and jump in!

Here’s a guide for some amazing camping sites for you to consider.

#2 Take a road trip with your friends

Many consider spending a day with their friends on a road trip the best outing to build new memories. We got to agree. Lebanon doesn’t lack amazing destinations with road rides not exceeding 2 hours.

Brave the road and enjoy exploring new places in your country that you haven’t visited yet.

Want some ideas to plan around? Here are 14 Most Picturesque Lebanese Villages You Must Visit This Winter or consider heading to Bentael, Rechmaya, Anjar, Kfarhouna, Ehden, Kobayyat, Aley, Qana

The choices are really endless in a country so beautiful where no town is like the other.

#3 Enjoy a getaway in one of Lebanon’s beautiful guethouses

It’s a great idea to spend the New Year’s weekend by taking a break from the overstressed and overworked mundane lives. That little vacation will do wonders in infusing you with peace and energy to start the new year ahead.

Choices don’t lack in Lebanon. There are great guesthouses across the country, whether by the seaside, in the mountains, or in Lebanon’s beautiful villages.

Check these cute private bungalows by the sea or these romantic getaways.

#4 Host a sleepover

If you don’t want to drive or be burdened to go out, hosting a group of close friends for a sleepover party at your place could be exciting and memorable.

These homey parties are usually easygoing and tend to bring friends closer together, sharing stories, watching movies, munching finger foods together, playing social games, cracking jokes, and laughing the night away.

A potluck is usually the trend with these home party sleepovers. A plus is that you’ll get to have breakfast together with more laughter as you’ll recount the adventures of your night.

#5 Have a Game Night with your family and relatives

Staying home and enjoying a congenial family game with your family and relatives could be more exciting than generally assumed. Think of Pictionary and similar games that bring everyone together, competing cheerfully in two groups.

A yummy light dinner is often more than enough and you all get to sing at the countdown and cheer together to 2022 at midnight.

#6 Go on a Movie Marathon

Whether with your friends or your family, it is always a fun night of entertainment with a movie marathon, comfortable in your PJs, with a glass of wine, and some light food to munch.

#7 Have fun at a stand-up comedy event

Nothing makes one feel great than laughter and it is actually a great idea to welcome 2022 laughing. Check for stand-up comedy events happening on New Year’s Eve in your city and prepare yourself to laugh the night away.

#8 Go Romantic!

If you have a special one, it will be a good idea to spend a romantic time in a peaceful setting, having dinner à la chandelle in a lovely restaurant. Who really needs to count down the minutes to 2022 with cheers and songs when you can do it with a kiss in private after dinner?

#9 If You Are Not A Night Person

Celebrating New Year can very well be done on the first day of the year with much enjoyment. There are plenty of NY brunches planned in hotels across the country. Book ahead of time with your friends or family and get to enjoy your time when the sun is shining in the sky.

#10 Families who want to celebrate together

Plan with your family and relatives to gather over lunch on January 1st, whether at home or outside. Restaurants in Lebanon will be packed with families celebrating. Be one of them!

#11 Take the dawn challenge with your friends!

When you are young and energetic, everything feels possible for you, and taking challenges “out of the box” can be exciting.

Check ahead of time the places serving traditional New Year Sahlab at dawn and make it a challenge to set your alarm to wake up at dawn and meet with your friends there just for the pleasure to enjoy a delicious warm Sahlab and see the sun of a new year rising.

#12 Make it super special!

Lebanon doesn’t have the tradition of Boxing Day, which consists initially of gathering the unneeded gifts or clothes in boxes and distributing them to NGOs or handing them over to families in need.

However, we do have plenty of NGOs that will appreciate extra hands on that day. Volunteering for a good cause is very gratifying to our spirits. Check the NGOs that are distributing food or donations on January 1st and ask them if you can join them. Do invite your friends as well.

If somehow somewhat none of the above is to your liking, and you still want to celebrate, you can go clubbing or attend any of the many events happening in Lebanon this New Year’s Eve. Check them out here.

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12 Great Ideas To Welcome 2022 In A Good Mood In Lebanon

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