10+ Restaurants In Lebanon Where You Can Eat Great Seafood

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With summer right around the corner, it’s hard not to look forward to long sunny days, tan lines, and seafood! Lebanon has some of the best beaches on the Eastern Mediterranean and, to compliment them, there are plenty of great seafood restaurants along the coastline!

#1 Le Phenicien

Le Phenicien is a seafood restaurant in Tyre, Lebanon, with a lovely view of the sea. It’s located right on the port and will make you feel truly at one with your meal.

#2 Beit Al Samak

Translating to “House of Fish”, Beit Al Samak is located in Saida on the Rafic Hariri Blvd. There, like in many authentic seafood restaurants, you can choose your fish before it’s cooked.

#3 La Paillote

This seafood restaurant is located in Ain el-Mreisseh, Beirut, where you’ll taste high-quality seafood.

#4 Oceanus

Moving away from typical Lebanese seafood, Oceanus is a seafood/sushi restaurant in Achrafieh, Beirut, that also has a branch on the sea in Jounieh called Oceanus Sur O.

#5 Al Phenic

Al Phenic is located near Casino du Liban in Jounieh. It offers a wide range of Lebanese dishes, including seafood with a sea view.

#6 Manuella

Located in Jounieh, Manuella Restaurant has been a classic seafood spot ever since its opening in 1965 by the Sfeir family.

#7 Mhanna Sur Mer

Family-friendly Mhanna Sur Mer is located in Amchit, with a perfect ocean view. It’s ideal for Sunday luncheons.

#8 Aal Baher

Aal Baher, translating to “on the sea” is a seafood restaurant in Jbeil. With an outdoor area facing the sea, you’re sure to enjoy the experience.

#9 Jammal Restaurant

Jammal Restaurant is a cute little unexpected spot in Kfarabida, Batroun, where you can soak your feet in the sea whilst enjoying your meal. Many agree that it’s worth the drive from Beirut!

#10 Silver Shore Restaurant

Located right by the sea in El-Mina, Tripoli, the Silver Shore restaurant is said to be the best seafood restaurant in northern Lebanon, a region famous for its Tripoli cuisine’s samkeh harra!

#11 Al Sultan Brahim

Located in both Downtown Beirut and Jounieh below Casino Du Liban is the widely known Al Sultan Brahim. It first opened in 1961 as a simple fish restaurant and became what it is today!

#12 Lobster Society

Lobster Society in Mar Mikhael, Beirut, offers seafood in a more casual setting, lobster rolls, and lots of fun.

#13 Babel

Wine and dine on the serene cove of Amchit at Babel Baher, a Lebanese restaurant with a wide selection of seafood and more.

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