Greek Air Force Intercepted A MEA Plane Heading To Beirut (Video)


The IntelSky website, which specializes in tracking air traffic, announced on Monday that “the Greek Air Force intercepted an Airbus A321 aircraft with 145 passengers on board, heading from the capital, Madrid, to Beirut.”

IntelSky indicated that “the objection came after several attempts to communicate with the pilot, to no avail.”

Pointing out that “the odds are that the pilot did not activate the communication devices, and therefore he did not respond to attempts to contact him.”

Immediately, two F-16 fighters on standby took off from the 115th Fighter Wing in Souda and nearly approached the civilian aircraft over Argolida, in the northeastern Peloponnese.

It was reported that “the people of the Argos region noticed the accident, and informed the fire department, that they heard strange sounds such as explosions.”

The site posted on its Twitter account a video of the moment the plane was intercepted:

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