There’s A New Greek Restaurant In Lebanon That Allows You To Break Plates


Can’t go to Greece this summer? Yamas Beirut has brought the complete and ultimate Greek experience to Lebanon for you to enjoy the traditional cuisine and ambiance of Greece.

Yamas’ wide menu, which is divided into 5 different categories, offers food, beverages, cocktails, wine, and even cigars.

While all prices on the menu are in USD, Yamas specifies even the smallest ingredients that the dishes are made of with letter notes (G: Gluten, S: Sesame, D: Dairy, V: Vegan, etc…) to protect everyone from any allergic reactions that one might have.

The team of Yamas is always ready to alter dishes in order to satisfy the customers’ desires and give them the ultimate Greek experience.

However, the food is not the only traditional Greek thing that Yamas offers!

As you enjoy your meal and drinks, there is a band in folkloric clothes performing Greece’s traditional dance, Sirtaki, over the tunes of Greek instruments and tunes. Guests are also allowed to join the Sirtaki whenever they feel like it.

And, to top all of this, Yamas allows you to break plates directly in their restaurant! For $24, you are given 12 plates, all of which you can break during or after your meal.

If you are up for the ultimate Greek experience while in Lebanon, visit Yamas in Beirut and check their Instagram @Yamasbeirut for further inquiries and additional information and details.

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