Green Gold Initiative Was Just Implemented In Rashaya, Lebanon


A Lebanese man by the name of Shawqi Al-Asal has taken the initiative to grow thyme in the village of Bkifa in Rashaya Al-Wadi, an initiative called “Green Gold” managed with the help of his community, the Generations for Peace.

The project, which was launched in cooperation with the American “SIL” Foundation and supported by the Lebanese diaspora, has gained great popularity among farmers.

It has started with the planting of about 6000 seedlings with a plan to reach 50,000 seedlings within three years.

Shawqi Al-Asal is himself the project manager. He told Al-Diyar that the idea of ​​cultivating thyme has existed with the Generations For Peace Association for many years, starting in the south and Rashaya.

The Association, according to him, focuses on the importance of thinking about projects that have sustainable development and are viable.

The decision to start with the thyme project came based on the fact that thyme grows fast and can be harvested three times in a season thanks to the favorable climate of Rashaya.

He explained that planting 100 seedlings, for instance, yields a large production, and “the cost does not exceed the irrigation and land reclamation network.”

The aim of the project is to create job opportunities and enhance livelihoods in the local community to help overcome the ongoing economic crisis.

The project is set to be first implemented in Bkiva and Kafr Kouk villages.

According to the project manager, the SIL Foundation with the support of the Lebanese diaspora provided the required irrigation network as it deemed the project to be profitable for those who have expertise in agriculture and will help many Lebanese citizens.

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